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Time and Attendance Software Product Tours

Leave Management
Leave Management helps to maintain coverage and ensure productivity while honoring employee leave requests. Supervisors can easily compare same-day requests, analyze departmental schedules and coverage, and assess pending and scheduled leave for the employee. The leave approval view makes it easy. (1:17 min)

The Labor Management Solution
Time and Attendance is more than keeping track of when employees start and stop working—it is careful management of your most costly and important resource—labor. Attendance Enterprise offers a customized labor management solution that is tailored for your management staff and organization. (5:51 min)

A Smarter Way to Manage Employee Time
With Attendance Enterprise, supervisors correct just the problems in moments a day. Scheduling is easy too, and changes can be made right in the time card or a group schedule. (2:54 min)

Employee Information at Your Fingertips
Current and archived time cards, benefit balance information, employee history, and schedules— there’s no need for a personnel file to get the basics on any employee, at any time, with Attendance Enterprise. (0:46 min)

Group Scheduling in Minutes a Day
Schedule a group of employees in the same place, and see the hour totals change as you schedule employees. Simple, easy to understand group schedules are part of Attendance Enterprise. (1:34 min)

All Online with Employee Self Service
Employee Self Service provides employees with timely information, securely in a web browser. There’s no need for a time clock—employees can log in, punch, request leave, and review schedules from any computer. (4:23 min)

From Punches to Payroll
With the Payroll Monitor in Attendance Enterprise, you can correct the most important time card issues, get a snapshot of labor costs, and produce an accurate payroll file—all from the same place. (2:42 min)

Clamp Down on Labor Costs with Coverage Budgets
Coverage Budgets helps you maintain that balance between over and under-staffing by providing labor ratios tailored especially for your organization. This powerful information gives management staff the tools they need to intelligently schedule beforehand, as well as handle any emergent problems. (4:14 min)