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Payroll-Based Journal (PBJ) Reporting for Long-Term Care Facilities: Understanding Requirements
Download the PBJ white paper

Time and attendance strategies can help design determination, measurement, and reporting processes to assist employers overcome ACA challenges.
Download the ACA compliance paper

FLSA & Education

Attendance Enterprise Eases Compliance with FLSA Regulations for Overtime in Education.
Download FLSA and Education white paper

Leave Management with Attendance Enterprise

Automatically tracking employee leave cuts costs, streamlines operations .
Download Leave Management white paper

Automating Benefit Accruals with Attendance Enterprise

System simplifies administration of employee time-off plans, fairly applies policies.
Download Benefit Accruals white paper

Does your organization have an absenteeism problem?

The fully integrated “Incidents & Points” module for Attendance Enterprise® supports fair and accurate enforcement of absence management policies.
Download Incidents & Points white paper

Time Clocks for Employee Attendance Tracking

InfoTronics offers a variety of time clocks to suit the needs of any environment or number of employees.
Download Time Clocks white paper

Biometrics: Advantages for Employee Attendance Verification

Biometric time clocks eliminate buddy punching.
Download Biometrics white paper