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InfoTronics Announces New IntelliTouch 70 Time Clock

The Newest Innovation for Time and Attendance

(May, 2013) Livonia, Michigan: InfoTronics is pleased to announce the new IntelliTouch 70. The time clock features touch screen technology and adaptive behavior, which engages employees in a new level of interaction and accountability.

The IntelliTouch 70 supports a diverse workforce, providing both English and Spanish text-to-voice prompting for all functions, prompts, and instructions displayed on the screen.

The time clock also automatically notifies employees of missing punches. For example, if an employee misses a punch, the IntelliTouch 70 prompts the employee to supply the missed punch time and date.

"An audit trail includes the employee edit as well as the supervisor's acceptance. This clock takes wage and hour record-keeping to a new level, helping to safeguard employers" said Beth Baerman, Director of Corporate Communications.

The IntelliTouch 70 can operate in real-time, communicating with the Attendance on Demand or Attendance Enterprise database at every transaction. This allows for instantaneous enforcement of restrictions – for schedules, even when schedules are changed by the supervisor, and for lunches, even when employees punch out at different clock stations.
"Punch restrictions help to close compliance loopholes in states, such as California with mandated meal and break rules," said Baerman.

The IntelliTouch 70 features thin film transistor (TFT) touch screen technology. This allows employees to use the time clock while wearing gloves. In addition, the IntelliTouch 70 touch screen is durable and suitable for manufacturing and office environments.

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