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InfoTronics Announces the Release of Attendance Enterprise 2.2

PPACA features in Attendance Enterprise 2.2

(May, 2013) Livonia, Michigan: InfoTronics is pleased to announce the release of Attendance Enterprise 2.2. This version includes new features, such as eligibility calculations and reporting related to the Patient Protections and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), employee and supervisor notifications support for the new IntelliTouch 70 time clock, and support for Internet Explorer 10 and Windows 8.

"PPACA affects most employers and the new features of Attendance Enterprise facilitate measuring and reporting on applicable large employer and employee full-time status," said Beth Baerman, Director of Corporate Communications. "Employers must prepare today for new PPACA mandates and Attendance Enterprise 2.2 features enable companies to make better compliance related decisions."

Attendance Enterprise has new configurable time periods available for predefined PPACA Measurement, Administrative, and Stability Periods. These time period selections are shown in the hours summary, summary sheets, and reports. Average weekly and monthly hours are calculated and reported in the employee's personal information for easy lookup.

In addition, employees and supervisors can receive notifications on specific conditions, such as absences, missing punches, and employee designation of late arrival or absence. These notifications provide instant alerts when significant events occur and help employers make decisions accordingly.

The notifications can be communicated through email, the Attendance Enterprise 2.2 dashboard, and the new IntelliTouch 70 time clocks. In some cases, employees can also respond with their own time card edits. For example at an IntelliTouch 70 time clock they can supply a time for a missing punch. Supervisors can accept or reject employee-added punches. This activity is recorded in the audit trail for the time card.

Attendance Enterprise 2.2 is being released in conjunction with the IntelliTouch 70. Together these components provide the latest tools in workforce management.

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