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InfoTronics, Inc. Announces Features for Affordable Care Act (ACA) Reporting

Employee Time and Attendance Tracking for Full-Time Status Determination and Management

Northville, Michigan — InfoTronics, Inc. is pleased to announce Attendance Enterprise features that assist employers with determining their Applicable Large Employer status, calculating full-time equivalent (FTE) contribution by seasonal and part-time workers, and reporting employee status change histories.

Attendance Enterprise provides employers with alerts in real-time when employees approach the full-time threshold. They no longer need to rely on after-the-fact reporting. Employee weekly and monthly service hour averages and employee status edits are archived. This gives employers the information needed to quickly respond to inquiries and compliance audits.

"The Affordable Care Act presents employers with significant challenges," said Beth Baerman, Director of Communications at InfoTronics, Inc.
"Accurate records and reports are a requirement for business in virtually any industry."

Companies will benefit from the automation of the complex formulas for employee full-time status determination. Attendance Enterprise applies employee measurement periods, determines service hour averages, and recommends status designations for employees. Industries such as retail, hospitality, and healthcare, have a particularly tough situation due to variable-hour workforces. Scheduling difficulties, unanticipated demand, and employee absences can cause shift changes that easily, and often unknowingly, transition a part-time employee's status to full time.

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About InfoTronics, Inc.

InfoTronics, Inc., is a technology company with 35 years of expertise in developing employee time and attendance solutions that provide businesses of all sizes a cost-effective, easily deployed workforce management system. Attendance Enterprise is the flagship product and provides advanced features for managing labor data — calculating pay rules, scheduling employees, budgeting labor, automating benefit accruals, tracking attendance-based merit points — while meeting the scalability, reliability and security requirements of large organizations. An extensive North American dealer network has helped more than 20,000 organizations use InfoTronics products to reduce labor expenses and improve decision making.