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The Wyandot Center Saves A Full Week of Time and Attendance Processing Each Month

Behavioral health center boosts productivity and transforms to paper-free culture with Attendance Enterprise

The Wyandot Center serves the community behavioral healthcare needs of the residents of Wyandotte County in Kansas City, Kansas. The non-profit organization supports recovery for people of all ages with depression, anxiety disorders, other mental illnesses, and behavioral health challenges. It employs hourly and salaried staff in several locations across the county.

Paperless Scheduling and Tracking

Before the organization implemented Attendance Enterprise, supervisors had to handwrite their employees' schedules, and then track actual hours worked along with any vacation, holiday, and PTO usage on paper timesheets several times each pay period. At the end of each pay period, they reviewed the documents, made corrections, and forwarded the approved timesheets to the Accounting department, where the information was checked against corporate records and rules. Then the approved timesheets were input by the Payroll employee into the corporate payroll system.

These manual processes required a duplication of effort. Redundant data input and handwritten information led to many inaccuracies and speed bumps in the process.

Today, with Attendance Enterprise, supervisors input schedules and create electronic files for each employee. Employees input their start and end times right on their PCs every day. With a few mouse clicks, supervisors go into each employee's time card and approve times at the end of the pay period. The time and attendance data is easily exported from Attendance Enterprise to the central Payroll system to run payroll.

Download the Wyandot Center case study pdf file