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Attendance Enterprise Streamlines Time and Attendance for the University of Alabama at Birmingham

University saves $70,000 annually, trims time and attendance processing time by 75%

Colleges and universities across the nation face ongoing budget scrutiny. They must operate efficiently to provide a quality education while managing cost.

The University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) is the largest employer in the state of Alabama. In addition to its academic staff, the university employs thousands of hourly employees across dozens of locations in the state. Two of the university's divisions use Attendance Enterprise to manage time and attendance for more than 1,000 hourly employees. These divisions achieved significant savings and streamlined timekeeping processes.

The Attendance Enterprise solution provides advanced features for managing labor data. It schedules employees; budgets for labor; automates timekeeping, processing and reporting; and interfaces smoothly with the university's central payroll system. It also meets the unique security and documentation requirements of a research facility.

About the UAB

Hourly UAB employees are organized into several divisions. Each division is responsible for its own time and attendance management, including the selection and maintenance of a time and attendance solution to support the type of work it performs. The payroll processes for all divisions are managed by the university's central Oracle accounting and finance application. Each division can use its preferred time and attendance system, as long as that system can interface with Oracle or produce output that can be entered into Oracle.

Both the Facilities and the Animal Resources Divisions of the UAB searched for a time and attendance system to replace their internal, largely manual processes for scheduling, timekeeping and reporting. They selected Attendance Enterprise based on the recommendation of workforce management firm Gorrie-Regan & Associates. Attendance Enterprise scaled easily to meet the needs of both divisions. Management relies upon the solution to track and report time and attendance for their separate – and very different – workforces.

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