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Construction Company Uses Telephone Time Collection, Saves 3.5% on Annual Payroll

Since switching to an automated employee time tracking solution, a Southeastern based construction company reduced annual payroll by 3.5%. This is a significant achievement since labor is the largest variable cost for the organization. The savings come from accurately tracking labor on hundreds of job sites using telephone data collection, and implementing a web-enabled employee time tracking software solution.

The company reduced the administrative burden of manually processing labor and payroll from over 32 hours per week to under just 8 hours. They are better able to allocate labor at the job sites, and maximize profit margins.

The company selected the cost-effective data collection solution because employees are mobile, transient and disbursed geographically, with over 400 workers in the field.

Building a Better Way

By simply using their telephone, the job foreman and supervisors easily enter employee hours worked, unexcused absences, excused absences, early departures, late arrivals and other job incidents daily as the events take place at each of the job sites. Other workers including mechanics clock in and out using the biometric time clocks located in the machine shops. Attendance Enterprise automatically collects the data and up-to-the-minute labor tracking is available at the HR office, showing accumulated hours, overtime and regular totals, holiday eligibility and more which in the past were difficult to track manually. At the end of each pay period, the accumulated time is automatically downloaded into the payroll software for check processing.

Key Advantages

The new processes remove the need for virtually all manual data entry. Civil Constructors now has confidence that payroll totals are much more accurate and reduced payroll costs by 3.5%. Hours worked by employees, job incidents and absences are tracked by pay designation each day, and a once manual and error-prone process is automated for ease of calculation and reporting. Attendance Enterprise automatically generates end of week reports that are signed by the employee and supervisor. The time sheets are archived for reporting required by the many requirements for federal and state contracts. Administrative effort is cut down to under a day each pay period.

Notes the payroll supervisor, "By tracking labor with cell phones, we avoided the time and effort of end-user training and resistance to new technology. The supervisors simply follow the telephone prompts when tracking hours worked, job site incidents and absence tracking. The whole process totally followed the format of the existing time sheets, making the transition easy for foreman and field personnel. Everybody loves it!"

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