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Medical Equipment Services Company Improves Ability to Archive Time and Attendance Data, Streamlines Processes

In past years The Scope Exchange, a medical equipment service company, used an outdated time and attendance package. The system had problems, and the software vendor also was slow to respond to requests.

Old Time and Attendance Methods Fail Modern Company

The older solution could not handle the volume of employee records. The Scope Exchange was forced to print hard-copy time cards to be archived and purge electronic records every six weeks. Archives of employee labor data were hard to review in paper form. The Scope Exchange began searching for a more robust time and attendance system.

Attendance Enterprise helped the company achieve key improvements. Because Attendance Enterprise is based on an SQL database, the volume of employee labor data archives is no problem. This solves the archive problems faced by the company in previous years. With the intuitively designed system, training was effortless, and users were up and running in a manner of days.

A Streamlined Process

Aaron Cope, IT Operations Manager at The Scope Exchange, notes, “Attendance Enterprise has worked to increase our employees’ trust that their labor data is being tracked accurately. Plus, we were able to totally eliminate the error-prone and faulty methods of the past. We are in a better position with the archived time and attendance history, and have eliminated the past bottlenecks.”

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