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Start Up Solution:
Wireless Company Automates Employee Time and Attendance Process; Achieves ROI in Three Months

REMEC Broadband Wireless was forced into manually tracking employee time and labor after spinning off from a larger enterprise. The manual process was a burden for the supervisors who spent time carefully examining each employee's time sheet for any anomalies or exceptions, like tardies or unexcused absences.

Selecting Attendance Enterprise

REMEC Broadband Wireless turned to InfoTronics industry-leading time and attendance systems. The experts at IntegriTime worked with the broadband wireless company to implement Attendance Enterprise, a scalable time and attendance system offering flexible pay rules, project costing, labor budgeting, and a variety of data collection. 

A Streamlined Process

Michiel Van Meurs, ERP Administrator at REMEC Broadband Wireless notes the improvements, “Switching over to Attendance Enterprise streamlined the entire process – starting when employees begin their shifts and enter their start/end times directly on their workstation PCs. Attendance Enterprise time and attendance was integrated with our payroll vendor, and our payroll office has seen a marked reduction in processing payroll.”

Employees log in and out using a simple web interface via the company's intranet, many at their own desks.  In the case of the company's engineering lab, about 23 technical staff uses centrally located PCs to track their labor and wage information.

Payroll data then automatically flows to supervisors, the payroll office and the payroll vendor, with all approvals and revisions automated.

Van Meurs concludes, “Attendance Enterprise has worked to streamline and improve our employee time and attendance tracking process. Plus, we were able to totally eliminate the error-prone and faulty methods of the past. I'm confident we achieved our return on investment in this system in only a few short months.”

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