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Automotive Supplier Improves Accuracy, Cuts Administrative Burden of Employee Absence Management Program

When Manufacturers Industrial Group, LLC tracked employee absentee rates with a stand-alone system, it was difficult to calculate the impact of unplanned absenteeism. The stand-alone package necessitated time-consuming double data entry and data export to monitor and enforce the company’s absence management program.

Attendance Policies Difficult to Track

As the company added employees, it grew difficult for supervisors to get a clear picture of the costs related to absenteeism including lost productivity, scheduling, overtime and administrative costs. It was possible for unexcused absences to fall between the cracks without consequence, since supervisors did not have the ability to send timely warnings to those employees who were violating unexcused absence policies. Over time, it grew increasingly difficult to trust that policies were accurately applied.

Automated System Provides Enforcement

The company installed Attendance Enterprise® Incidents & Points Module. Now, a fully integrated absence management system automatically applies the company’s absentee policies in real time.

Both employees and supervisors trust that policies are accurately and fairly administered. The system rewards conscientious employees and flags those employees who need management intervention.

All told, Manufacturers Industrial Group is better equipped to manage employee absentee policies since implementing the fully integrated absence management solution. By integrating points calculations with the time and attendance function, the company cut down on double data entry and significantly reduced its administrative burden.

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