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Manufacturing Business Centralizes Time and Attendance Management, Cuts Processing Time

Attendance Enterprise Supports Incidents & Points Tracking with Flexible Solution

As a manufacturing business consisting of several companies with locations in Nebraska, Massachusetts, South Dakota, Minnesota, Georgia, North Carolina, California and New York grew, the organization found that traditional manual processes for time and attendance management did not provide the speed, accuracy and consistency it demanded for lean manufacturing. They sought a labor management system that better met its needs and found what it was looking for with Attendance Enterprise.

Processing Time and Resource Savings

Today, most of the company's hourly employees record time by swiping ID badges at time clocks in conveniently located employee self-service centers as they enter and exit. In two locations, employees use biometric hand readers to record their time, and some office employees record their time right on their PCs. Attendance data is automatically downloaded to a central server at headquarters in Sioux Falls.

The Payroll Department pulls the reports once a week and transfers the electronic files from all 10 sites into the payroll system. No paper reports are needed. The system minimizes room for human error and improves the accuracy of processing and reporting.

Now, with Attendance Enterprise, the 50-plus supervisors can access all time and attendance data right on their PCs. They verify PTO, FMLA usage, vacation time and holiday time with just a few mouse clicks.

Incidents & Points Tracking

The manufacturing company also utilizes Attendance Enterprise's Incidents & Points module. The module automatically identifies tardies and unexcused absences as they occur and records each incident. It assigns a half-point, a point, or two points to an employee depending on whether the incident is a tardy or an unexcused absence. The system also automatically triggers that employee's supervisor to perform the appropriate disciplinary step, which varies by incident and the number of points accumulated by that employee.

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