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Today’s Manufacturing Companies Adopt Highly Efficient Practices

Faced with tight profit margins, escalating labor costs and increasing competition, manufacturers must cut costs. Employee grievances over pay or work rules are unnecessary setbacks. Duplication of effort abounds. InfoTronics delivers the critical tools needed to eliminate waste and improve employee timekeeping: fair application of rules, streamlined data collection and on-demand reports.

Fair, Consistent Time and Attendance Processing

Browser-based Attendance Enterprise automates complicated pay rules and shift differentials. Excess overtime is controlled, and employee grievances are reduced because company policies are applied impartially and consistently.

Streamlined Data Collection

Improvements begin with the data collection process. One manufacturer recently used InfoTronics data collection system to easily integrate time and attendance badges with existing photo IDs and security access systems. Attendance Enterprise can also automate leave requests and handle employee benefits inquiries.

Accurate, Detailed Reporting

Companies can easily measure labor utilization across the enterprise by location, by department, or by individual to measure performance. Detailed reports assist the labor relations department with contract negotiations by providing accurate, detailed employee labor and attendance information.

InfoTronics solves the most complex manufacturing workforce challenges of the labor-intensive manufacturing sector. The results are real savings and improved overall operational performance.

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