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Staffing Company Automates Time and Attendance Process: Eliminates Bottlenecks when Tracking Temporary Employee Data

Recently, a large law firm looked to The KPM Group for specialized legal staffing services. After assessing the firm’s needs, The KPM Group placed over 125 temporary legal support staff on site to handle complex legal research related to major litigation against an automotive manufacturer.

Delays Caused by Manual Records

To maintain security, the law firm stipulated that the work environment could not accommodate any internet or network connectivity, so KPM Group used manual time sheets to track time and attendance data for the temporary employees. There were long delays as the each employee manually signed in and tracked lunches and breaks at a paper time sheet. Payroll staff had to drive to the law firm each week to gather the time sheets. Once verified for accuracy back at the staffing office, the same information was recorded into the database for payroll processing. The double data entry necessitated time-consuming accuracy checks.

A Better Way to Keep Time

Soon after the project began, the KPM group looked to cut the cumbersome manual recordkeeping. InfoTronics developed an innovative solution for The KPM Group, in which at the start or end of shifts, employees swipe a proximity badge past a compact data collection device installed at the law firm. This unique solution transmits employee data transactions securely in real time through a cellular network, maintaining the law firm’s security requirements. Attendance Enterprise easily calculates gross pay; maintains historical records of attendance and pay in the form of electronic time card archives; and generates useful employee attendance reports.

In all, the company has made key improvements since installing InfoTronics’ comprehensive, automated data collection solution. The system arms the staffing company with real-time data, so they can make the best decisions possible—the types of decisions that can lead to better bottom-line results.

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