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InfoTronics Time and Attendance System Solves Key Challenges Faced by a Privately Held Hospitality Management Company

A company that owns and operates hotels in several Midwestern states had trouble with employees punching in for their friends. Additionally, the company policy for rounding start and end times was not being correctly enforced. After Attendance Enterprise and a HandPunch time clock were installed, buddy punching was eliminated and rounding was applied accurately.

Biometric Time Clock Eliminates Buddy Punching

Now each hotel employee places a hand upon the biometric data collection device located in a common area at their hotel to punch In. The HandPunch recognizes the unique shape of each employee’s hand to punch him or her In or Out. This eliminates the potential for employee “buddy punching” using traditional time clocks.

Punch Rounding Rules Easily Implemented

Attendance Enterprise eliminates rounding errors. The hospitality management company’s policy for rounding start and end times is automatically implemented and consistently applied throughout the 10 hotels. The company’s pay rules are enforced fairly and impartially, and employees and management are confident that paychecks reflect actual work being done.

The hospitality company states, “InfoTronics gives us the ability to better control labor costs—a significant achievement given that cost of labor is the largest expense faced by our company.”

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