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Healthcare Management Company Halves the Time Spent Preparing for Payroll

In past years, managers and payroll clerks at a multi-site kidney dialysis operation spent days calculating payroll at just one of the many treatment centers due to shift differentials and other premium pay calculations. Duplicate data entry and numerous manual reviews added time and the possibility for error to the process.

Employee Attendance Monitored

Using Attendance Enterprise, managers can now create schedules efficiently. The software automatically totals scheduled hours, calculates scheduled labor expense, and figures headcount coverage for each hour of the day.

Attendance Enterprise automatically flags times when employees do not work to schedule—letting managers address attendance issues before they become performance problems. Employee time and attendance data is instantly available for evaluation or government reporting.

Increased Accuracy, Increased Confidence

After switching to Attendance Enterprise, it takes hours, not days, to prepare payroll for 3,000 employees at several kidney dialysis treatment centers. Payroll accuracy is significantly improved. Employees and management have confidence that employee wage information is fairly and accurately processed. What was once a complex data collection process has now been simplified with Attendance Enterprise.

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