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School District Automates Time and Attendance to Ensure Full Compliance with the Fair Labor Standards Act

Several years back, a group of Grenada School District employees filed a lawsuit that requested the school pay unpaid overtime, plus damages, attorney’s fees, and court costs. The workers cited the Fair Labor Standards Act, which requires employers to keep accurate records of hours worked for nonexempt employees and pay them time-and-a-half for hours worked beyond 40 hours in a workweek.

Burden of FLSA is on the Employer

It was unknown whether these employees actually worked overtime because the districts had no accurate records to disprove the allegations. In wage and hour cases, the burden is on the employer to prove overtime hours were not worked. So after these issues were resolved, the district determined to keep accurate time records; make sure employees were correctly classified as exempt or nonexempt for FLSA purposes; and ensure that nonexempt employees were paid overtime or given compensatory time off for hours worked over 40 in a workweek.

Attendance Enterprise Assures Accurate Timekeeping and Calculations

Grenada School District now benefits from a flexible way to calculate benefit accruals, overtime and shift pay, using FLSA and other federally-mandated rules. Attendance Enterprise:

  • Automates complex pay and benefit rules to ensure accuracy and regulatory compliance
  • Reduces labor costs with employee scheduling and labor budgeting
  • Calculates automated benefit accruals and attendance-based merit points
  • Offers web access for employees and managers
  • Provides extensive reporting and analysis capabilities
  • Applies the Fair Labor Standards Act correctly

In all, the Grenada district office is confident that Attendance Enterprise provides full compliance with the Fair Labor Standards Act. The district has alleviated the burden of tracking employee time and attendance with automated processing of overtime, regular and multiple-role pay.

Download the Grenada case study pdf file