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Poultry Processing Company Improves Labor Management and Achieves Operational Transparency

Food processors are under increased pressure to deliver quality products efficiently while complying with USDA mandates for food safety and still providing quality and availability. Attendance Enterprise, a comprehensive time and attendance tool, helped transform George's Inc. once arduous labor management and payroll process into a model for operational efficiencies, updated regulatory compliance and reporting, and information transparency. George's employs over 5,000 workers in seven locations, running three shifts.

Paper Time Cards and Highlighters

Like many manufacturers, George's used electronic time clocks and paper time cards. Employees selected their time card from a rack and punched at the clock. Employees punching at shift change created bottlenecks. The commonly used practice was to print the employee name and Social Security Number on the time card. With greater sensitivity to identity theft, this practice needed to change.

"Clocking in and out was chaos," said Tom Ashby, Further Processing Supervisor. "We needed better visibility of information, including how much time it actually took to change and get to the work area before starting the job."

Overall Improvements

Gorrie-Regan & Associates worked with George's management, HR, and payroll team. Employee ID badges with pictures are now used to either swipe at the clock or wave in the proximity of the clock. Social Security Numbers are no longer used, thus protecting employee privacy. Buddy punching has been reduced since employees must now use their photo ID badges. There are no more lost paper time cards.

Attendance Enterprise automatically calculates the employee's time cards. Exceptions to schedules like tardies or leaving early are easily identified. The system restricts employees from punching in before their shift. It also incorporates standard time for donning and doffing and walk time as identified by George's time study and required by regulation. The master card system is no longer used for matching line leader schedules.

George's uses the Incidents and Points module of Attendance Enterprise to assist with employee performance management. Employees earn merit points for desirable attendance habits and receive demerits for absences or long lunches. If too many negative points are accrued, warning letters are automatically generated by Attendance Enterprise documenting these infractions.

Attendance Enterprise integrates seamlessly with the payroll system. Once time cards are approved, payroll is processed with a click of a button. Archived time cards are always available should information be needed for wage and hour inquiries. What was once a tedious manual process has been reduced significantly allowing resources to focus on other business-related activities.

Regulatory requirements are being met and Department of Labor and worker compensation reports are easy to generate in the required standard format. Tracking attendance data to the minute allows George's to report with greater precision and confidence. George's Inc. has improved its processes and profitability.

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