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Medical School Automates Time and Attendance with Browser-based Solution

In years past, Eastern Virginia Medical School (EVMS) tracked employee time and attendance with paper time cards. The payroll department spent over three days each pay period processing the time and labor data of over 1,600 employees.

Paper Time Cards and Friday Estimation Increases Chance of Fraud

The manual system was problematic. Due to cumbersome hand sorting of departmental time cards, employees submitted their weekly records on a Thursday, estimating their time worked for Friday. Any discrepancies were then adjusted in the next pay period. The process often resulted in inaccurate pay period totals. In fact, payroll issued up to 15 corrected checks each pay period due to the inaccuracies.

Automated System Improves Accuracy and Efficiency of Time and Attendance Information

Concerned with these and other limitations, the EVMS board mandated that an automated time and attendance system be put in place. Attendance Enterprise, a scalable time and attendance system, was implemented. This reduced the time spent to prepare payroll from three days to well under one, and eliminated a payroll departmental staff position. Employee paychecks now reflect actual time worked, and employees and supervisors gain access to a real-time review of their pay period totals and accrued paid time off online. Attendance Enterprise does all this while meeting the scalability, reliability and reporting requirements of the medical school.

Supervisors, Employees Are Empowered

With the new system, EVMS empowered departmental supervisors to manage employee resources. States Deborah A. Taylor, Director, Information Technology/CIO, “The bottom line is we improved the quality of timekeeping, while shifting the responsibility for managing labor resources and benefits to the supervisors and employees where it belongs. Payroll is no longer burdened with chasing down missing information, or cutting corrected paychecks. Our management is confident that employee resources are being tracked efficiently.”

Download the EVMS case study pdf file