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School Districts Become More Efficient to Counter Budget Cutbacks

The demands put on schools are increasing. A recent study noted total U.S. public and private elementary and secondary school enrollment has topped 54 million, while rising immigration and the baby boom echo are expected to boost national K–12 enrollment another five percent by the year 2013. The search is on to find effective ways to control costs.

Control Costs through Effective Payroll Data Collection

Attendance Enterprise reduces wasted effort and costs associated with assembling payroll data. This software automates the manual, error-prone processes that burden educational institutions and school districts—taking the cost out of tracking employee time and attendance data.

Attendance Enterprise Offers Functional, Accurate Information

Attendance Enterprise gives educators

  • Browser-based information for distributed employees and management
  • Multiple data collection options
  • A flexible way to calculate accrued time-off hours, overtime, shift pay and other union-mandated rules
  • Tools to comply with the Fair Labor Standards Act
  • Scheduling, data collection, reporting and time card calculations for diverse groups of employees

Ease of Installation, Integration

Not only is Attendance Enterprise an industry-leading solution, installing Attendance Enterprise does not burden education IT resources. Attendance Enterprise rolls out quickly and easily through centralized distribution, a flexible backend database solution and an intuitive interface. School district payroll and HR departments streamline their processing with Attendance Enterprise, as it seamlessly integrates with existing HR software.

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