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Racing Association Saves Money and Time with Automated Time and Attendance Reporting

When Dubuque Greyhound Park and Casino needed a time and attendance system that was both powerful and flexible, they turned to Attendance Enterprise.

Other Systems Fell Short

Because the Greyhound Park and Casino tracked employee time and attendance with outdated methods, managers spent too much time manually changing schedules and correcting time card errors. The organization incurred avoidable expenses from overstaffing.

The racing association then switched to an automated time and attendance package, but that software had problems. Tresa Heber, Controller’s Assistant in charge of payroll, explains a shortcoming, “One of our main requirements was that a time and attendance system must handle changes to pay rates in the middle of a pay cycle. The previous package was not able to do this for us.” The calculation of shift differentials was also not included in the software package, requiring custom programming.

Flexible, Browser-based System Meets Needs

With Attendance Enterprise, Dubuque Greyhound Park and Casino is finally back on track. Since switching to this fully integrated browser-based system, supervisors attend to more meaningful tasks than verifying and editing time cards. Attendance Enterprise allows managers to effectively change pay rates in the middle of a pay period, and different pay per shift is instantly deployed. Payroll is completed faster than before, and Attendance Enterprise enables management to analyze time and attendance data to make better-informed decisions. The organization is on the fast track to increased productivity, reduction of payroll errors, and cost savings.

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