National Banking Center Accesses Real-Time Data for 16 Regional Locations

Supervisors at one banking center compiled employee payroll information manually for 16 regional centers. By the time the information was compiled for decision makers by the administrative manager, it was outdated. It took careful analysis to reveal individual employee attendance trends, such as an employee routinely taking vacation or personal time on a Friday and calling in sick the following Monday.

Monitor Company Policies

With Attendance Enterprise, regional bank managers use real-time information to enforce overtime, sick, holiday and vacation policies. Attendance policies, like the tardy policy, are also easy to enforce. One administrative manager explains, “Instead of relying on me to pull together outdated summary reports, supervisors at each location get the current picture of employee attendance themselves, as needed.”

Simplify Payroll

End-of-pay-period totals are sent to a payroll vendor without human intervention. The manager concludes, “Attendance Enterprise frees me from printing and faxing weekly punch detail reports, manual editing, and overtime, holiday and sick report generation. We are better able to manage our greatest resource—our employees.”

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