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Ash Grove Concrete Companies Manage Complex Pay Rules, Simplify Time and Attendance Management

Attendance Enterprise Shortens Processing Activities to a 90-Minute, Single-Person Job

Ash Grove Materials manufactures and distributes ready-mix concrete. Its companies load, deliver and pour concrete for large municipal, residential and industrial customers. In total, Ash Grove employs 300 employees across 23 locations in Kansas, Missouri and Oklahoma. The complexity of managing the time and attendance of employees across so many locations drove the organization to transition to a more flexible, sophisticated system.

The Attendance Enterprise solution provides advanced features for managing labor data. It schedules employees; budgets for labor; applies shift requirements and pay rules; and automates timekeeping, processing and reporting. It also interfaces smoothly with Ash Grove's centralized payroll system for streamlined "end-to-end" workforce management. Attendance Enterprise's advanced features allow for seamless and accurate attendance processing despite the highly varied and complex pay rules resulting from seven separate union contracts.

Before Ash Grove moved to Attendance Enterprise, the organization had two people dedicated to processing time and attendance for only two companies. Today a single payroll administrator efficiently handles processing for all Ash Grove Materials companies.

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