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What is biometrics?

Biometrics, or biometry, uses the features on the human body to identify individuals. Your finger, hand, voice, facial features, irises, and even the veins on the backs of your hands can be used to identify you uniquely. Because your finger or hand is now your bio-key, you no longer need a badge, identification card, password, or PIN, although these can be added for additional security.

Biometrics does not have to infringe upon individual liberties. In fact, the hand and finger readers offered at InfoTronics do not take a picture of your employees’ hands or fingers, and could never reproduce an image of an employee’s hand or a fingerprint.

Biometric readers compare a stored geometric template of the hand or finger to the scan taken when an employee punches In. In other words, the machine stores the measurements of each employee’s finger or hand, but does not replicate a fingerprint or handprint.

Employees are encouraged to arrive on time with the use of a biometric clock, since their friends cannot punch them In (known as buddy punching). Additionally, unauthorized individuals are kept out of restricted areas if the biometric reader is linked to security access.

Learn more about biometric technology (95k pdf)

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