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What time clock should I choose?

When choosing a time clock, ask yourself these questions:

What time clocks are currently installed?

Attendance Enterprise can work with most time clocks on the market. However, if your time clocks are older or uncommon, this process may require some time or expense.

What is the budget?

InfoTronics offers a wide range of time clocks—from the very low-priced, yet reliable, biometric IDpunch 7 to the full-featured I.T. 3100.

How many employees need to punch In and Out?

The amount of storage space on a time recorder is important in mid-sized and larger organizations, and it will affect the type of time clocks you choose and the optimal number for you to purchase.

Would you like to use the time clocks for security access?

Some time clocks can be wired to open security doors. Time recorders supporting proximity readers can often be used with existing security access systems. In addition, they can trigger access as employees approach doorways or from vehicles entering through security gates.

What is your technological infrastructure?

InfoTronics time clocks can use a variety of connections, including RS232 and RS485 serial connections, Ethernet connections, as well as web (http) connections.

Do you have problems with employees punching in for their coworkers?

Time clocks that require employees to punch in using a hand or finger eliminate “buddy punching” by guaranteeing that employees are physically present for their shifts.

Do your employees travel often or work remotely?

Telephone-based punching allows employees to check in whenever and wherever is convenient. In addition, browser-based Employee Self Services provides access from any location with internet access.

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