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PIN Entry Time Clocks

Personal identification number (PIN) technology eliminates the need for badges. Employees enter PINs directly into the clock's keypad to punch or transfer workgroups. PIN time clocks are easy to maintain and affordable.

What's more, PIN entry is available as a backup for many other clock types. For example, if the finger reader template is not yet enrolled for an employee, the employee's PIN can be used in the meantime.

All InfoTronics time clocks collect punches using PIN entry:

The IntelliTouch 60

The IntelliTouch 60 quickly and easily captures all the information you need to remain compliant, transparent and profitable.

  • Save labor costs
  • Save scheduling time
  • Reduce your compliance risk
  • Engage your workforce

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The IntelliTouch 50

The IntelliTouch 50 is an industrial grade time recorder with a resistive touch screen. Employees and supervisors can perform basic time and attendance tasks like punching and transferring, or even fixing missed punches and requesting leave.

  • Multiple language support.
  • Multiple reader modules. PIN entry, Barcode swipe card reader, magnetic swipe card reader, and proximity card reader are supported.
  • Comprehensive function key operations. Ten function keys can be customized for employees and supervisors.

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IDpunch 7 and IDpunch 7 Finger Reader

The IDpunch 7 time recorder is a simple, low-cost way to gather employee In and Out punches and perform many employee and supervisor functions. 

The IDpunch 7 Finger Reader model provides companies with a low-cost biometric solution for collecting employee transactions.

  • Offers simple functionality: just punch In or Out
  • Shares punch information with Attendance Enterprise at regular, frequent intervals
  • Finger Reader model supports both Identify and Verify modes

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Biometric Hand Readers

Biometric hand reader technology eliminates buddy punching. The employee types an ID number and places a hand on the time clock. If the hand matches the template stored in the clock’s memory, the employee is punched In or Out.

Employee Function Keys

  • transfer workgroups
  • enter tips
  • add callback punch

Supervisor Function Keys

  • add punch/schedule
  • credit hours/dollars
  • paid lunch

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I.T. 3100

The I.T. 3100 is an industrial grade time recorder that provides ATM-style function keys and can operate in any kind of industrial environment.

  • Multiple reader options, such as barcode swipe card reader, magnetic swipe card reader, proximity card reader or biometric finger reader.
  • Punch time restriction. Prevent employees from punching In or Out at unauthorized times.
  • Bell Support. Optional module for using an external bell to signal breaks, lunches, and shift start and end times.

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