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Biometric Finger Readers

Biometric finger reader technology eliminates the cost of lost cards and prevents buddy punching. These readers identify each employee using a unique digital finger template. Employees must be present to punch.

The following biometric finger reader time clocks are available:

The IntelliTouch 60

The IntelliTouch 60 quickly and easily captures all the information you need to remain compliant, transparent and profitable.

  • Save labor costs
  • Save scheduling time
  • Reduce your compliance risk
  • Engage your workforce

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I.T. 3100

The I.T. 3100 is an industrial grade time recorder that provides ATM-style function keys and can operate in any kind of industrial environment.

  • Multiple reader options, such as barcode swipe card reader, magnetic swipe card reader, proximity card reader or biometric finger reader.
  • Punch time restriction. Prevent employees from punching In or Out at unauthorized times.
  • Bell Support. Optional module for using an external bell to signal breaks, lunches, and shift start and end times.

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IDpunch 7 and IDpunch 7 Finger Reader

The IDpunch 7 time recorder is a simple, low-cost way to gather employee In and Out punches and perform many employee and supervisor functions.

The IDpunch 7 Finger Reader model provides companies with a low-cost biometric solution for collecting employee transactions.

IDpunch 7 has the following features:

  • Offers simple functionality: just punch In or Out
  • Shares punch information with Attendance Enterprise at regular, frequent intervals
  • Finger Reader model supports both Identify and Verify modes

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